Relocating the Fuse Block
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Step 6: Stuff Wires into Split Loom

Start weaving the wires into the split loom, attaching the "bundle" to the frame's backbone as you go with zip ties. I zip tied the wiring to an unused seat hole above the battery, and began routing it along the backbone. Using the factory locations for the zip ties seemed to make sense, so I cut the existing ties and replaced them with new ones as I went along.

No better time to use a little dielectric grease on those relays and hidden connectors, eh?
Might as well...
Here's how it looks with the wiring in place up toward the old fuse block location.

Yup - that's me reflected in the end of the handgrip - but, it's doing a funhouse-mirror kind of thing. My gut isn't quite that big yet...close, but not quite. I guess I better start laying off the deserts...
Wires Routed Along Backbone
This is what the stock fuse block looks like. Geeze, I haven't seen a fuse block like that since I owned a '67 VW Beetle when I was a kid... The Stock Fuse Block
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