Relocating the Fuse Block
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Step 3: Determine Fuse Block Location

I used a small spring clamp to hold the fuseblock in place while I checked the location to make sure that it wouldn't interfere with the chrome cover plate.

Once I was happy with the location, I marked the centerline of the bracket on the metal plate. After removing the fuse block, I measured back 1/2" from the inner edge of the metal plate and struck a point with a punch and a hammer.
Check the location
Step 4: Drill the Hole

Drill a hole for mounting the new fuse block bracket. I used some WD-40 and drilled a pilot hole with a 1/8" bit. I then enlarged the hole with a 1/4" bit. Finally, I used a 21/64" bit to drill the hole to the final size. A 5/16" bit would probably have worked, but I didn't want too tight a fit.

I put a shop towel under the metal plate to catch the drillings; it justs makes cleaning up a little easier.
The Hole is Drilled
Step 5: Mount the Fuse Block

Secure the mounting bracket with the bolt, lock washer, flat washer, and nyloc nut.
The New Fuse Block is in Place!
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