Relocating the Fuse Block
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I wasn't wild about the stock fuse block or its location on my '05 Tourist. I chose to replace it with a modern "automotive-style" fuse block - and to make it easier to access it, I relocated it to the spot behind the outboard chrome trim panel.

This process is made much easier by buying the replacement fuse block and wiring from
Wagner's Cycle Shop. It comes fully loaded with fuses, and the wires are already cut to length and labeled, with connectors installed, too!
Step 1: Assemble the Tools

The tools for this job are pretty basic - there are just a few "specialty" tools required:

1) Basic Ural toolset
2) Soldering Iron and solder
3) Wire strippers, cutters, needle-nose pliars, utility knife
4) Hammer and punch
5) Drill bits and drill (not pictured)
6) Small spring clamp
7) Heat-shrink tubing, electrical tape, lighter (to shrink tubing) - more like supplies than tools, but hey, you know...
8) Flashlight
9) Tape measure (not pictured)
The Tools
Step 2: The Supplies

You can't install what you don't have... I got the fuse block from
Wagner's Cycle Shop. Flicka and Mike are great folks - call them up and they'll get you what you need!

The split loom (3/8") and zip ties are available at just about every auto parts store on the planet.
The Supplies

To gain access, you'll need to remove the tank and seat. As it turns out, you'll ultimately need to remove the headlight, so you may as well do that now also.

Makes the bike look pretty skinny, eh?.

Before proceeding, make sure that you disconnect the negative side of the battery! I took this opportunity to re-install the battery with the negative post facing the outside of the bike, This will make it easier to disconnect the negative side of the battery for future maintenance. Unfortunately, this means I had to replace the ground cable - the original is too short to reach the new location of the negative battery terminal. All the positive cables are long enough to reach the new location of the positive battery terminal, however.
Stripped to the backbone!
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