Re-jetting the Keihin CVK 32 Carb
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With the hard mount bolts removed, the carb is now free (except for the throttle cable, which is left connected).
The Carb is Loose!
Step 7: Flip Carb Over and Remove Bowl Screws

Flip 'er over and remove the 4 bowl fastening screws with a #2 philips screwdriver.
The View From Below...
The Guts At Last!

With the bowl removed, the guts of the carb are in sight. There is no gasket to be concerned with, since the bowl has an o-ring-like element that forms the seal.

The white bits are the bowl floats; the recess in the center of the carb contains the pilot jet; the two brass bits are the main jet (top) and the starting jet (bottom). The starting jet kicks in when the enrichner is pulled out. Remove the main and pilot jets with the 3/16" and 1/8" screwdrivers respectively. The main jet is screwed into another brass bit, so be careful that you remove just the part you want to replace. Then, install your new jets and reassemble the carb and you're good to go!
The Guts Are In Sight!
I'll let you know how my bike responds to the new jets as I get some klicks on the new set-up. So far, I've just taken her out around the block a few times, and I'm pleased with the results.
Update - 18 Mar 2006

I have a couple hundred km's on the new set up, and I'm quite pleased with the results. Throttle response was never exactly bad before re-jetting; but it seems somewhat smoother now than it did before. There is no stumbling when coming off idle, and warm-up times are dramatically reduced. Cylinder temperatures on both jugs have been reduced - after a half hour or so ride, my IR thermometer (cool tool, by the way...) is showing temperatures of around 280 degrees F. Both sides stay within 5 degrees or so of each other.
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