Re-jetting the Keihin CVK 32 Carb
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Step 3: Remove Air and Fuel Lines

I need to get at the underside of the carb, so I started by removing the air and fuel lines.
Removed the Air and Fuel Lines
Step 4: Drain the Bowl

I used the 3mm allen socket to open the bowl drain. I had my hands full catching the gas in a jar, so I didn't get a picture - sorry. After draining the bowl, I closed the drain so that I wouldn't forget to later!
Step 5: Loosen "Compliance Fitting" Clamp

Loosen up the hose clamp that secures the carb to the "compliance fitting" while the carb is still being held securely by the hard mount. This is a good time to check the condition of the "compliance fitting" for dry rot, cracks, etc. No picture of this either...
Step 6: Remove Hard Mount Bolts

The carb is held to the hard mount with two bolts. They are removed using the 10mm socket.
The Hard Mount Bolts
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