Re-jetting the Keihin CVK 32 Carb
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I replaced the stock jets (125 main, 38 pilot) with "Fatter" jets (130 main, 42 pilot) today. Here's how I did it.

Be gentle with me - this is my first pictorial essay...
Update - 18 Mar 2006

Here's a "do as I say, not as I do" entry. It was pointed out to me recently that it is much safer to use a metal can for catching gasoline when draining the carb bowls as apposed to the glass jar that I used. In retrospect, using a glass jar was probably not the brightest thing to do, since dropping a glass jar of gasoline on a concrete driveway leads to a real mess to clean up!

Also, whenever working with gasoline, be smart - have a fire extinguisher handy - please? I promise I will next time...
Step 1: Assemble the Tools

The tools for this job are pretty basic. They consist of the following:

1) 3/8" ratchet
2) 3/8" extension
3) 10mm socket
4) 3mm allen socket
5) #2 philips screwdriver
6) 1/8" flat screwdriver
7) 3/16" flat screwdriver
The Tools
Step 2: Have the New Jets on Hand

You can't install what you don't have... I got mine from They are a great outfit - call them up and they'll get you what you need!
The New Jets

Here's how things looked before I started.
The "Before" Shot
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