Replacing the Nippon Denso Alternator
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Step 4: Remove the Airbox

That miracle of Russian engineering is in the way, so it will have to be removed.
1) Disconnect the air lines to the carbs.
2) Remove the nut(s) from the stud for the airbox mounting flange and clutch cable mounting bracket.
3) Remove the top bolt from the starter which also attaches the other airbox flange.
4) Remove the airbox.
5) Replace the nut(s) on the stud for the clutch cable mounting bracket and replace the bolt for the top of the starter motor (this way you won't loose the hardware).

When done, it looks like this:
Airbox Removed
Step 5: Remove the Alternator and "Cushion Drive"

First, remove the wiring from the old alternator, noting which wire goes where. In my case, the green wire was on the horizontal tab, the red wire on the vertical tab, and the two remaining wires had ring terminals on them that mount to the stud on the top of the alternator. Getting the nut off of that stud was a bit of a bear - I ended up using needle-nose pliers to keep the bottom nut of the stud from turning!

After the wiring is out of the way, remove the two nuts that secure the "cushion drive" to the engine. Don't drop the lock washers or the flat washers! Then, you can pull the entire assembly straight back, and work it out through the sidecar-side of the frame.

Once complete, it looks like this:
Alternator Removed
Step 6: Inspect Gear Teeth

Have a look at the teeth on the drive gear to make sure that you don't have a bigger job on your hands than you may have thought initially...

Mine look ok, so I'm ready to press onward...
Check the teeth!
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