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Welcome to dwightrahl.com!

My site is devoted to my current interests - which right now, means most things URAL and telescope related. Have a look and enjoy!

This site was updated on 6 Apr 2009

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Motorcycle Stuff Telescope Stuff
GOTO Telescope Review
NEW!! - Pictures from CRAP '09
Jordan Lake Clear Sky Clock
My Ural Pictures Page
**DONE** 1993 Ural Solo Restoration
Pictures from CRAP '08
Pictures from CRAP '07
Some Tech Write-Ups:
My Favorite Astro Links:
Re-jetting the Keihin CVK 32 Carb Raleigh Astronomy Club
Re-locating the Stock Fuse Block
Telescope Reviews | Cloudy Nights
Replacing a Nippon Denso Alternator
Criterion Dynascope Yahoo! Group
My Favorite Moto Links:
Soviet Steeds M/C
IMWA - Ural Russian Motorcycles
My Info:
Bill Glasier's Unofficial Ural 750 Manual
Name: Dwight Rahl
Re-building Ural Shocks - by John Grocke
Bikes: 2005 Ural Tourist
1993 Ural Solo
Scopes: 1956 Criterion Dynascope RV4
1979 Criterion Dynascope RV6
2004 Orion SkyQuest XT10 Dob
2007 iOptron Cube w/80mm Ref
Email me - dwight@dwightrahl.com
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